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  • Corrosion Detection In Pipelines & Tanks Using MRUT

    The temate MRUT (Medium Range Ultrasonic Testing) uses higher frequency guided waves to detect corrosion, cracks and discontinuities on exposed tubes, gas lines, oil pipelines and storage tanks.

    The system is used in following modes and Ideal for inspection of corrosion under supports and air-to-soil interfaces on exposed or thinly coated parts (<4mm).

    • Non-contact EMAT technique using Medium Range Guided Waves permit coverage up to 5 m (typical distance 0-1 m)
    • Through- transmission technique (axial scanning) sends sound around a tube or across a plate to measure attenuation and/or velocity changes to detect defects between the sensors
    • Reflection technique (circumferential scanning) sends sound along a tube or plate & detects reflections from defects at up to 5m in front of the sensors (material and coating dependent)