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  • Corrosion Mapping

    Corrosion Mapping provides reliable information about the remaining wall and ID geometries of equipment and piping to engineers and inspectors, who use the information to establish corrosion rates, equipment longevity and maintenance and repair cycles. It also provides information on the material integrity, such as laminar defects and blistering, which may occur due to the migration of hydrogen through the material due to process.

    All vessels and piping systems in the refining and petrochemical industry are subject to material degradation and corrosion scanning can help detect where problem areas exist or where they may possibly exist in the future. Corrosion mapping provides digital images, which can be regenerated or archived for future examination. Corrosion mapping scans can be remapped to establish flaw extension over time, allowing Fitness for Service assessments.

    We use Sonatest patented Wheel Probe for providing corrosion mapping services.